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Looking for a Dentist in Los Angeles California

Our Office is a PERFECT solution for your dental needs.

What We Do


A beautiful smile says a lot about the person wearing it. If you have major or minor imperfections that you’d like to correct, Dr. Milanez can help. We offer a variety of services to help improve the appearance of your smile. Some are simple and can be completed in a day; others may require several visits.


We offer various treatment options as well as diagnostic, preventive, cosmetic and restorative services. Your dentist will discuss the treatment options that are best suited to your diagnosis.


Your dentist will prescribe the type and frequency of cleaning or periodontal therapy you need based on your diagnosis. To treat the areas above and below the gum line we offer three basic types of procedures: Find out more…


Veneers are an excellent alternative to crowns and can perfect your smile by masking stains, hiding chips, correcting misalignment, and creating uniformity.